Yes! View all available originals here. Don’t forget to check back in as the collection steadily grows. Instagram offers the most up-to-date window into the work in progress. Shop affordable prints here.

Yes! The wait is around 3 months. Minimum size dimensions are 60x80cm (24”x32”) which starts at £660. Custom dimensions are welcome, as canvases can be ordered at any size for specific large walls. If you would like to learn more about commissioning new art, contact the studio info@veronikavlkovaart.com.

A 50% deposit is needed to be added to the waitlist, however the full deposit is refundable at any time. The commission can be cancelled prior to, during, or after the painting is finished either by Veronika or the client. Art is very personal and subjective for both the client(s) and the artist, so in the event that a commissioned artwork is not claimed it will be released to the open market and/or the galleries. No harm done. This system has kept everybody happy, and mainly it allows Veronika to always paint what she wants to paint without sacrificing the surprises inherent to the creative process. For a commission, typically clients will suggest a subject, and palette preferences. Veronika does not accept all subjects or palettes but is happy to hear what you have in mind. For example, a client might say they want a 90 x 120cm horizontal artwork depicting something reminiscent of their favourite three paintings from her previous collections. Since the deposit is 100% refundable Veronika has the freedom to run with the suggestion and make it her own. The final artwork is a surprise for both Veronika and the client.

Yes, starting at £78 (3 instalments; each £26), nearly every single painting Veronika has ever created is available as a print on stretched canvas. Prints can be ordered with or without a frame and they arrive ready to hang. Free shipping in UK and many other countries. See the full list here. For limited edition prints shop here

Yes we do! The delivery cost depends on the country the artworks are shipped to.  Delivery of canvas prints is free to the countries listed here. There is extra charge for shipment of canvas prints to other countries and for all original artworks shipped outside of the UK.

Canvas prints, devices cases and greeting cards arrive typically within 2 weeks from the day they are ordered. Original artworks also arrive within 2 weeks in the UK but international orders take longer.

From a young age Veronika knew that she loved to draw, paint and experiment with different art techniques. She loved copying artworks done by different artists including old masters and loved cultural heritage in general. Thus, early in her teens she knew that she wanted to become an art conservator and help to preserve our treasured heritage for future generations. During her career as a professional art conservator she utilised and perfected her knowledge and skills of working with different art media. After working on art collections of renowned museums, she set up her own conservation practice restoring damaged works of art ranging from antiquity to contemporary pieces of private art collections. Then, when she took time off work after her son was born, she had the time she needed to follow her passion for colours and painting and started making her own works of art. Veronika hasn’t stopped painting since and her urge to make new artworks and explore other techniques is unstoppable.

Veronika has certainly considered venturing out of abstract art in the future, but right now she is far too obsessed with continuing to see what her current painting techniques can do.